Newbie Sessions, session variables/objects and ADODB question

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I a writing my first PHP 5 web application.

I don't want to use global variables.

I'm using the normal PHP 5 sessions, not the ADODB sessions.

I'd like to add the ADODB connection object to the session using a session  
varible and then use the connection object on a different page by  
referencing the connection object in the session. (I don't want the overhead  
of having to connect to the database) Is this even possible and if not what  
is the best way of going about this? eg.



$conn = &ADONewConnection('borland_ibase');
$_SESSION['connection'] = $conn;


$conn = $_SESSION['connection'];
$recordSet = &$conn->Execute('select * from table');


So afr I know I'm on the wrong track. Would anyone care to let me know the  
proper way of going about this?

Thanks in advance


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