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Can someone help please? Hope this isn't obvious to the more expereinced.  I
have written a survey in php which will reside on a remote ISP.  However the
users of the survey will all come from the same internal network at work.
Since  the srvey relys on individula resulr being carried from page to page
is ther any danger of one person picking up another variables or are these
stored exclusively on the php server for each user??

Re: Newbie server question

Graham wrote:
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No danger.

If nobody is actively trying to get at that data, it will not be picked
up by other users.

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Re: Newbie server question

Graham wrote:

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In general, no. but it also depends on what you mean by "stored on the
server"... When I fill out a form and submit, the page acts on the data I have
submitted and if you store that data in hidden fields to be passed on the next
page, then by the time you get to the end, you should have all of the fields
specific to that user.  One way to ensure this would be to use sessions and
session variables.  The users and their are identified by a unique id.  You can
also use cookies for client-side "identification" but, I prefer to steer clear
of cookies because some users disable the use of cookies.

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