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Could you point me out a good PHP/Sql pack to start? I would prefer one with
the Apache server and a front end to create the DBs.


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Hi there,
Here's a nice pack:
The download links are on the right (KRASNAL Serv

- SERWER 2 (2.6)
- SERWER 3 (2.6)
- SERWER 4 (2.6)

- SERWER 1 (2.7)
- SERWER 5 (2.7)
- SERWER 6 (2.7)
- SERWER 7 (2.7)
- SERWER 8 (2.7)
- SERWER 9 (2.7)
Plik zajmuje 25 MB)


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Tojo wrote:
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For simplicity, I have always preferred XAMPP.

You don't even have to install anything, just launch the app manager
and choose which pieces you want to start up.

It comes with phpMyAdmin, which is a decent enough db front-end for
MySQL, though if you want more, you can always download the tools from
the MySQL site (Administrator and Query Browser are the two I use

Of course, it goes without saying that this is a solution only for your
own personal development machine.  If you plan to host something for
the rest of the world to see, you would be well advised to install and
configure all the components (Apache/MySQL/PHP) yourself.

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