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In a calender script in a web site I have a php file with the following  
typical table cell entry:-

<td align=center width=$col6>";
   if($cweb[$i] != "")
    echo  "<a href=\"http://$cweb[$i]\">$cweb[$i]</a><br>"; plus lots more  
within the td.

Although I can use CSS on cells in the header row, it appears as though the  
echo element prevents me from applying an inline CSS style to this cell/td.
Is this expected behaviour?
Is there any way I can apply an inline CSS style to the cell?

On a related matter, how would I apply a CSS style to the hyperlink entry in  
the above example?
I am reasonably familar with HTML and CSS, but am lost in this PHP.
Also what is the significance of the \ after the a href=
Brian Tozer

Re: Newbie query

KiwiBrian wrote:
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No, PHP makes a HTML page, the same css rules apply on your "generated" page
as if you'd written the whole thing in HTML yourself.

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So, the normal way.

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td a{

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It escapes the following ", else your string would end, and you leave PHP
searching for the (illegal) constant "http://$cweb[$i]"

Rik Wasmus

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