newbie: page state with php?

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I'm trying to create a site that pages through data retrieved from a database.

Let's say there are 12 items, and only 3 at a time can be displayed on a single  
web page.

So the user needs to see some king of navigation control (a simple link would  
suffice) that tells him there X items ahead and Y items behind.  This way he can  
page through all 12 items, 3 at a time, moving forward and backward.

Does this require some king of page/session state?  How will my code know if  
items 1 through 3 or 6 through 9 are currently displayed?

My guess is I'm not the first one who has needed to solve this kind of problem.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Code examples would be great...

Thanks in advance.

Re: newbie: page state with php?

deko wrote:
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On your query:
Try using LIMT on SELECT statement.

For Example
function showitems($start,$limit)
    $end = $start + $limit;
    //Set your query like this for example.
    $query = "SELECT * FROM items LIMIT "."$start"." , "."$end";
    //execute query
    //display your HTML result;

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