Newbie installation, debugging, passing variables

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(php.general does not seem to be working properly, so mailing here -- )

1)I get startup error messages:
"cannot load c:\php\php_curl.dll - the specified file cannot be found"
although the file is very much there at exactly that location
Not only for this file but for many extension files like php_mysql.dll,
php_oracle.dll, php_mssql.dll, php_exif.dll etc.

2)the extensions_dir setting is "c:\php" without an ending backslash.

3)The php.ini file is residing at c:\php

4)The php.ini file in c:\windows has all extensions disabled so it does
not look as though that php.ini file is the source of the messages

5)There is a extension entry for php_win32api.dll which also gives a
not found error.
Is it the older version of php_win32std.dll, php_win32service.dll and
php_win32scheduler.dll files which are present but
their names are not there by default in the php.ini ?

6)How do I debug PHP like you can debug Java in Eclipse or NetBeans and
C/C++ in MS Visual Studio?

7)database access through odbc works.

8)How do I install PHP as both a CGI extension under Apache 2.0.5x and
as a module (php5apache2.dll with a LoadModule in httpd.conf)

9)How do you pass variables between forms or php pages in general?
($a =5.56 in one page to another and between calls to the same page)

Re: Newbie installation, debugging, passing variables wrote:
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Are the extensions not in c:\php\ext (php 5) or c:\php\extensions (php  
4)?? I also make sure the PHP folder and the extensions folder are in my  
path statement. Also because of the way windows set environment  
variables its sometimes prudent to reboot otherwise the service will not  

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This is correct if you are working with PHP 5 and have set the  
appropriate variable in httpd.conf (assuming you are using apache)

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Remove it and save yourself a headache down the road.

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It is best to get one extension working at a time -- disable this and  
come back to it.

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Dunno - I am a notepad junky.

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Yes it does.

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Why would you want to have both?  The instructions in the install.txt  
file make both processes really clear.

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pages are stateless so the variables die when the page is finished being  
  processed.  This is the same with ASP.  Check out session variables.


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