newbie help with ereg

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Hi all,

I apologize in advance for how basic this question is, but can someone
please tell me why in the world this statement

ereg( '[\w]', 'abcdef' );

always returns false? Thanks.

Re: newbie help with ereg wrote:

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Because 'abcdef' neither contains a 'w' or '' character

Try looking into the more powerful PCRE functions
I'll bet you'll find that \w works here

$ok = preg_match('#[\w]#', "abcdef") == 1;

$ok should be true now

Re: newbie help with ereg

The POSIX regexp functions don't support the PERL extensions. IIRC, the
equivalent to \w in POSIX syntax is [[:alnum:]].

Re: newbie help with ereg

ereg('[[:alnum:]], 'abcdef'); <- match alpha numeric characters


ereg('[a-z], 'abcdef'); <- only matching 'a to z' (lower case)

look this site for more information about regexp

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