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Hello people,

Just a quick question if you guys wouldn't mind answering or pointing me in
the right direction. How would I go about creating something like the
'ScreenCam' thingy on / If you look on
the top right corner of the page there is a little window which displays his
desktop and when clicked upon, opens up a larger window and updates every so
often whilst telling the visitor when it was last updated in minutes. Also,
would anyone know what software was used to grab the desktop after a certain
interval and upload it to a directory?

Many thanks guys.


Re: newb requesting help

DaRemedy wrote:
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this has nothing todo with php. okay.. nearly.

if you just want to know how to get the picture: get a nice screenshot
utility which has the ability to upload the picture to a ftp directory.
or press the print screen urself and upload it.

with php you just have to generate the <img> tag to reference the
uploaded picture ;-)

got it? :)


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Re: newb requesting help

Actually, you're wrong there mate :). I have been in contact with the owner
of the website and there is a bit of PHP to do with the site such as time
the last upload took place and a function that decides whether the screen
cam is online or offline depending on how long the last upload took place.

Thanks for your help anyway.


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every so

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