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I'm quite new to MySQL and php so please go easy. Thanks!

I'm trying to design a very basic php script which displays the
contents of the table, then I want to enable the user to filter out
certain results. So I went about writing a MySQL query something like
.....WHERE gender="$gender" AND group="$group" and then wrote a
form which sets the variables $gender and $group. Now is there a way of
setting $gender and $group to something that would display the whole

And is this the right way of going about this? Or is there a better
way... Infact does anyone know of a good site that might guide me in
creating such a script?



Re: New to php and MySQL

If you change your SQL to the form WHERE gender LIKE '$gender' then you
can make use of the mySQL wildcard '%' to get all results. wrote:
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Re: New to php and MySQL contained the following:

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If you want to do this you'd probably be better of using the keyword
LIKE and the wildcard (%)  instead of the = sign alone
for instance
WHERE gender LIKE "$gender%"  

would match 'male' if you input 'm', 'ma', 'mal' or 'male'

If it doesn't contain anything you would get all records.
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Re: New to php and MySQL

That's sounds like exactly what I needed! I'll try that out now.

Thanks very much.


Geoff Berrow wrote:

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Re: New to php and MySQL

Alex wrote:

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Alex, A serious warning: SQL_injection.

Make sure you understand how The Bad Guys try to inject stuff into your  
queries and take over your database.

If you receive a searchterm freom a form, and proceed like this, you might  
get into trouble:

$firstName = $_POST["firstName"];
$SQL = "SELECT firstname, lastname from tblusers WHERE ";
$SQL .= " (lastname LIKE '%".$firstName."%'); ";
etc. etc

Now the $firstName variable could contain possible something very nasty you  
didn't expect, like:
%'); DELETE FROM tbluser; etc

If you execute that query, you might find out your tbluser is empty..

If you are new to PHP and SQL, make sure you understand SQL-injection, and  
prepare yourself.
Have a look at functions like addslashes() and check php.ini for things like  
gpc_magic_quotes, etc

Best of luck!

Erwin Moller

Re: New to php and MySQL wrote:
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Alternatively, check to see if $gender and $group are set.  Build your  
query dynamically and only use them if they are set, i.e. (Assumes  
gender and query are strings):

   $genset = false;
   $query = 'SELECT ...';
   if (isset($gender)) {  // Or however you wish to test
     $query .= " WHERE gender='$gender'";
     $genset = true;
   if (isset($group)) {
     if ($genset) {
       $query .= " AND ";
       $query .= " WHERE ";
     $query .= "group='$group'";

Or something similar.

And yes, you do need to ensure $gender and $group are validated to  
prevent SQL injection attacks.

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