new phpMyAdmin collate and convert oddness

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We just upgraded our phpMyAdmin GUI to the latest stable version, and
now the SQL queries are doing odd additions.
First, without changing the database it's connecting to at all, there's

a new column "collation" for all the tables, and the value in all of
them is: "latin1_swedish_ci".
I'm doubting that's what it should be.

And any SQL querey formulates like:

FROM `accounts`
WHERE `company` LIKE CONVERT( _utf8 'cyber'
USING latin1 )
COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci
LIMIT 0 , 30

with new CONVERT and COLLATE, instead of the usual queries like:

FROM `accounts`
WHERE `company` LIKE '%cyber%'
LIMIT 0 , 30

I can't find in the documentation why it's doing this, and looking
through, can't find any setting that may apply.

Any clue what I should look at?
Is it simply displaying some quality about the mySQL database that had
heretofore not been exposed? If Collation is an attribute that is there

and must now be taken into account, it looks like I can change it in
"Operations," what's the proper, standard English setting?

Thanks for any feedback!  

Re: new phpMyAdmin collate and convert oddness wrote:
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You are using a MySQL version >= 4.1 which supports charsets and  
collation. Have a look at the mysql documentation.

For English charset you could use latin1_general_ci

Grz, Jrf

Re: new phpMyAdmin collate and convert oddness

Juliette wrote:
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Ah, yes, I forgot we updated our mySQL to 4.1.12 as well.
Gawd it's insane trying to get plain, understandable (to me) clear info
in the mySQL site!
What I don't understand, and can't find, is why the appearant setting
for collation on the database is swedish, when we never set any
character set or collation.
But taking a closer look, on the phpMyAdmin home page, the language is
set to "English (en-utf-8)", the MySQL charset to "UTF-8 Unicode
(utf8)", and MySQL connection collation to "utf8_general_ci", but on
all the tables and databases, the collation is "latin1_swedish_ci".

Do I have to alter every table (GAH!) to match thestated collation? Is
having these swedish collation settings causing some unseen issues I
should be aware of (aside from making SQL queries in phpMyAdmin
extremely annoying.)

Thanks for any feedback!

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