New PHP Releases and PDO SQLite

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I'm new to getting in touch with other PHP users/PHP team, so please excuse
me if this post is at all inappropriate or in the wrong place. In the
current release of PHP (5.1.4) and in the CVS for PHP5.1.* and 5.2.* the
SQLite source version only stands at 3.2.8, while the actual realease is now
at 3.3.6. What I was wondering is whether or not this could be updated, as
there have been numerous bug fixes in the SQLite source in the past 6 months
(one which I am being affected by in PHP but not the latest command line
executable for windows by SQLite for example). Normally I wouldn't go so far
as to fix a single bug in my code, but it is an annoying one (its not an
error, or bad data - simply a matter of taking a long time to execute a
simple SQL statement due to a efficiency bug with GROUP BY). Doesn't sound
like much of an issue does it? My main reason for requesting is that it
appears to be a simple task to place the updated source in the tree. I come
to this conclusion from the dates of files currently in the tree. Most are
over 6 months old, and didn't need changing with the last update -
therefore - hopefully, not many files would need changing to upgrade it once
again - therefore - not too much bother?
Now I realise this could be be a very naive view on this, so I wont mind if
someone says 'pfff, not gonna happen just for you'.
I would compile my own php_pdo_sqlite.dll if only I knew how, or even my own
full version of PHP for this minor update.
I am developing platform independent code on Windows XPSP2 with Apache2 and
PHP5.1.4 and SQLite3 databases. I do have Visual Studio 2003 (.Net) and
could possibly compile the source with documentation, I just can't seem to
find much information on it. Is it possible to compile my own
php_pdo_sqlite.dll by myself with an updated version of the SQLite library
or would this be a difficult task.

Well, I decided to stop rambling, so, thanks in advance to anyone with any
information and anyone who took the time to read my post.

--- Dave

Re: New PHP Releases and PDO SQLite

David Fowler wrote:
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(Personal note, please break up large paragraphs, it makes text hard to
read with a hangover)

I've not looked at the PDO source code or how they do their 'thing,'
I'm going to guess PDO simply uses the version of SQLite that PHP
supports.  If you upgrade your sqlite source, PHP will probably use it
to build the PDO stuff.  Just set the appropriate flags in the
configure line.

Alternatively, it would also seem, according to the docs, that PDO and
SQLite are loaded seperately as extensions, so you should just be able
to download the latest SQLite dll and replace the existing one.  This
sounds easier to do, and lets you upgrade in the future.

SQLite is also installable using pear, which might have a newer version
available.  Try that too, then you don't have to go fiddling with
manually overwriting or installing anything.

It is possible to compile your own DLL, usually the project settings
come with all the options set, but sometimes it can be a severe pain.
For help about that, you might want to try another group.

The reason the sqlite source is older is probably because they know it
works.  In the next major release of PHP you'll probalby see them using
a later one.

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