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I've released a new open source PHP framework for fast and efficient
web software development. It is named Artisan System and found at

The current stable version is 0.1, however, 0.2b1 was just released,
and 0.2 will be released before the end of the year. 0.2 will be very
stable and ready for production usage.

I'm looking to separate this framework from the others by using my
professional experience to add classes that other frameworks don't
have, such as payment gateway classes, shipping classes, customer
management, and other items related to e-commerce. Additionally, it
will serve as a very solid foundation for form management and object

It currently requires 5.2 or greater to run, and will take advantage
of 5.3 features as soon as that is formally released.

I have plans to write a whole suite of software based around it to
release in the future.

Please take a moment to check it out and let me know what you think.


Re: New PHP Framework - Artisan System

Vic Cherubini wrote:
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Thanks much for sharing this. However, you should stop and consider if
the world needs another PHP framework. There are already dozens of good
ones, and many of them have plugins that cover stuff like payment
gateways and shopping carts.

--- lawrence

Re: New PHP Framework - Artisan System

Lawrence Krubner wrote:
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I wouldn't discourage him.  Sure, there are dozens of frameworks out
there, but every one has disadvantages as well as advantages.  None is
perfect, or there would only be one.

I haven't looked at his framework yet, but it could very well fit into
some projects better than other frameworks.

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Re: New PHP Framework - Artisan System

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Well, to me the code looks suspiciously similar to the Zend Framework,
but anyway - it's not my business... Good luck & happy hacking!

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