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Hi there,
Win XP Prof SP2

Some time ago, I downloaded in installed PHP on my PC with phpMYADMIN
fully working, meaning that I could create and changed mySQL db's on the

I had to replace my HDD after it crashed. Problem is that I cannot
remember how I managed to install PHP in such a way that I could use

I am not sure what to download and install from

I have downloaded the PHP 4.3.9 installer - needless to say this did not
install the phpMYADMIN function. I asume I lately could have downloaded
and installed the wrong file.

Your help and patience will help me out. I have to fininsh a project on
Friday and time is of the essence.


Re: New Newbie needs help

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   May try XAMPP <

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Re: New Newbie needs help

PHP and PHPMyAdmin are separate products and have to be downloaded and
installed separately.

Get PHP from . Use the zip package as this
contains everything. The Windows installer has just the CGI version.

Get PHPMyAdmin from /

Tony Marston

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Re: New Newbie needs help

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thanx VERY much for your help.

And I couldn't even remember it was two totally different downloads.

Thanx again!

Deon H

Re: New Newbie needs help

Tony Marston contained the following:

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Not if you install PHPDEV

Once you have downloaded the installation (I'd go for 423) you can be up
and running with PHP, phpMyadmin, MySql in less than a minute.  It's all

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