New MVC framework for PHP 5.4 gives you full autocomplete support Eclipse and PDT IDEs

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Hello all,

I've written a framework rich in functionality which helps you speedily dev=
elop code using some of the new features found in PHP 5.4 such as traits. I=
 believe this is the first framework out to support traits as a way to easi=
ly export your data in multiple formats (HTML, JSON, XML, etc) using the sa=
me controller code across all request types.

I'd love to get your thoughts and opinions on it. I've published it on gith=
ub and I'm available to answer any questions you might have as I continue t=
o enhance it. Obviously, I'd love any additional contributers, so if you re=
ally like it, feel free to dive in.


Sample site: /

Sample controller: /=

Short list of features:
Open Source.
Initializr as the base site (HTML5Boilerplate, Modernizr, jQuery, bootstrap=
.js, and Google Analytics).
MVC with DAO style request encapsulation.
Autocomplete support through code convention in Eclipse and PDT IDEs.
JSON, XML format support is easily added to controllers.
Small in size, simple in execution, the framework is only 106k at present.
Bundled support for MySQL, SQLite, Memcached, S3, Postmark, and Instagram c=
urrently included.
HybridAuth integration for social sign ins and APIs under a common object s=
tructure is included, and will be added to a native signin functionality wi=
th a sample database to kick start your projects.
Bundled image editing support through Imagine.
Bundled video editing support through FFMPEG.
Database session support out of the box.
Scaffolds for building out the MVC for sitemaps, accessor objects(MySQL so =
far), page and controller logic, and an XML sitemap.=20
Sample site code included and will be enhanced to include messaging, regist=
ration, login, unsubscript controls.
Support for ini based settings is directly integrated, so you wont have to =
store your passwords and settings directly in your repository (faster publi=
shing of changes across many machines).
UTF8 for multilingual support.
Clean syntax.=20

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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