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foreach($test as $var1){

    foreach($test2 as $var2)

                  echo '"var1: " . $var1[1] . "<br>"var2: " . $var2[1] . "<br>


The $tests have values  just that this nested loop doesnt work i keep
getting this error message

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

What is the correct way to nest a foreach
Thanks alot

Re: nested loop wrote:
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What this is saying is that $test2 is not an array.

Also, $var1[1] will not work unless $test is a two dimensional array.  
The same is true for $var2[1] and $test2.

There isn't anything special about nesting foreach() loops.  Something like:

   foreach ($array1 as $element1) {
     foreach $array2 as $element2)

works just fine.  It's just important to remember that array2 will be  
processed in its entirety for each element of array1.

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