nested associative arrays

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The IMAP_headers function  returns an associative array.
for example:
$head = imap_header($in, ($index+1));
   echo " <br />header:subject:" . $head->subject;

works fine,
but $head->from returns an array

what is the cleanest way of accessing the internally nested  
stuff, personal, mailbox, host ?

I can do it in multiple lines of code, but I am sure there is a  
proper syntax to get each in one line.

a ref to a tutorial on arrays would be appreciated, the  
array page is just an index to the functions.



Re: nested associative arrays

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Re: nested associative arrays

Andy Hassall wrote:
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Thank you.
What was confusing me was that the array had as it's only element  
an object.  Now all is well.

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