Need PHP & MySQL Developer

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I am looking for someone who knows php and MySQL to partner with in
the development of a simple content management and data driven web
application.  I have already developed and debug the logic in a
similar application for Louts Notes/Domino.  Since IBM is no longer
pushing Lotus Notes/Domino as a web development system, or at least
not as aggressively as I would like, I want to convert my content
management/data drive web server into the php and MySQL world.
If anyone is interested, please email me at bscinc3000 at Yahoo dot
com.  (Obviously fix this email address.)

I was thinking of developing the following and then putting it out as
a shareware.  Other ideas or thoughts on taking it public are

Here is a rough outline of what I am trying to do.

1.    Create a simple MySQL and php content management system.
Emphasis on simple.

2.    It would integrate well with regular html pages.  (In other words
a web developer could use any wysiwyg web package with it or use it
with hand coded html if they wished.)

3.    It would make it easy for a non html coder to input and maintain
web pages, i.e. allow for input of web page content via a browser.

4.    Create automatic links based on a hierarchy field on each web
page record.

5.    Allow for the creation of groups of data and automatic links
based on user input.

This last is what is missing from many content management systems.
Here is an example:

Let's say I want to create a series of web pages based on the
restaurants in my state.

I would create one web page record.  In the field Content, I would put
the content to be displayed on the restaurant's page.

Having done that, I now want that restaurant's page to show up in
multiple categories.  Think of these categories as potential lists.

Let's say we have these restaurants, (all of these being dummy

Restaurant            Type        Location        Price Range
El Chorro                   Mexican    Wesley Chapel        $10
Taco Bell                   Mexican     New Tampa        $5
Steaks  R' Us           Steak        New Tampa        $15
MacDonald's           Fast Food    New Tampa        $5
MacDonald's           Fast Food    Wesley Chapel        $5
Luigi's               Italian        Wesley Chapel        $25

Now I would like to have the system make it easy to create these lists
with links:

Restaurant by name
By location
By price range
By type

So I would only need to file out a web page record once for each
restaurant and have that page show up in each of the above list.

What is needed is to make a generic MySQL database that would allow
for similar categorization.   The key is to develop a data driven
system that allows for the use to specify user defined categories
without having to recode the system.  

As I wrote earlier, I have already debugged the logic and know all of
the fields I need to make this operational.  Unfortunately I spent a
lot of time with Lotus products doing it, only to discover Lotus is
not the way to go.  Now I need to convert my system to php and MySQL,
neither of which I know.

Is there anyone interested?

Best regards,


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