Need help with arrays

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Hi, here is the complete detail what i m trying 2 do.

i got around 2000+ images with size/desp/image_no/slno

TABLE `sheet1` (
  `SlNo` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `Image No` double default NULL,
  `Title` varchar(255) default NULL,
  `Category` varchar(255) default NULL,
  `Sub-Category` varchar(255) default NULL,
  `Description` longtext,
  `Size` varchar(255) default NULL,
  `Price` varchar(255) default NULL,

1. what i m trying to do is there will be a form which
will pass a value (8,12,14) to the application.

2. Application will take the value n generate html
tags (well formated table - which will
hav 2 columns and xx number of rows (passed from the
html form) the data shld be displayed in a horizontal
[1] [2]
[3] [4]
[5] [6]
[7] [8]

3. After generating the tags instead of displaying it
on the browser save the html tags into a txt file in
the server itself. This process goes on till it
reaches end of record.

Technically: it will generate 01.txt file which will
hold all the html tags to display from record 1 to 8.
02.txt will hold from record 9 to 16 etc etc etc

i hope u got what i mean to say.  most of the things i
managed to code n its working fine but stuck with
horizontal display part. can u pls pls pls help me out


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