need help deleting multiple records -

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I am retrieving records for Customer ID as follows and displaying them
as table rows with a checkbox for multiple deletion.

Part of a </FORM>
   while (ora_fetch_into($cursor,$recordset,ORA_FETCHINTO_NULLS|
    echo "<TR>".
    "<TD><INPUT TYPE=Checkbox name=No[ ] Value=".$c."></TD>".

I am quite confused what should be my query string in the submit file.
I want to delete matching Customer IDs in the table from the checked
records. Please suggest how I can frame the query. I am currently able
to delete just one record.


Re: need help deleting multiple records -

I am trying
print $HTTP_POST_VARS['No'];
to see what the array contains but getting Undefined index: No as an
error message.

Re: need help deleting multiple records -

I noticed that Message-ID: contained the following:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't know about the query string but I suggest you look at the html

<TD><INPUT TYPE=Checkbox name='No[ ]' Value='".$c."'></TD>".

And shouldn't the value be the id?

<TD><INPUT TYPE=Checkbox name='No[ ]'

Then try a print_r ($_POST['No']); and see what you get.

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