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Are you familiar with what the term "sitescript" means? I'm looking
for a business directory sitescript written in PHP/MySQL with free and
paid-featured listings functionality and use something simple like
PayPal BuyNow button and let the end user of this thing receive emails
from PayPal (no need for IPN). I'd expect as a PHP Developer you might
spend like $9000 to build this, but my client only has a budget of
$500. You could resell this to multiple clients on a license and make
up for the loss, I hope. I need something that is mindful that I want
to drop this as a gadget or series of gadgets inside a CMS like

As for what I mean by a Business Directory sitescript, we're talking
something fairly primitive here (although I know it's still complex to
iron out). It's a listing of businesses. People can publish their
business into this directory under a category tree 3 levels deep. The
free ones would like scroll off after 6 months (in order to keep the
directory lean and clean), and the paid listings would remain up to 14
months before scroll off unless they pay to renew on their 12th month.
Paid listings show up first in a system like this, where you might
show 5 rotated random paid listings at the top of every search
relevancy or browsed category relevancy, and then show the rest of the
listings random beneath that per their relevancy. The listings whether
searched or browsed would have to be paginated. The paid-feature
listings would look a little different -- like having a yellow
background instead of a white one.

Re: Need Business Directory Sitescript

On Mon, 2 Jun 2008 13:22:23 -0700 (PDT), volomike wrote:
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So, in short, you know how much time (that is, money) these projects will
take, consider them simple, but you come here looking for someone to
write it for you?

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Re: Need Business Directory Sitescript

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Look Peter, I do PHP/MySQL work for a living. I wrote one of these
with a few bells and whistles for $9K. However, it's not flexible
enough for me to just drop it in as a gadget or set of gadgets into a
CMS. I also built it with a completely different payment system, not
PayPal. And when I say it's simple, I mean it's simple from the user
experience, but not from the admin experience, and not from the
programmer's experience. I know because I built one -- it looks easy
when explained, but darn if it ain't hard to get it all pulled off. It
is hard. And I am asking peanuts for it instead of $9K USD, but like I
said if one could read this clearly -- I'm hoping to find what's
called a sitescript, and these usually sell in the $500 USD price
range even though the guy puts like $9K and $10K USD effort into it.
And why? Because he sells like 400 to 900 of these, pays off his house
and cars, and moves on.


Re: Need Business Directory Sitescript

I found at least a list. I don=92t know if any of these are worth my
time or not yet. =
ite.html =
tml =
ry_Script.html =

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