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I'm very new in the web technology and need advice on search engine. I
want to develop a portal using PHP and MySQL on Linux. Need to know on
the following features :
1. search engine that could search my portal (mySQL, PDF, Ms Word &
2. search engine that could search to few web sites specified by

Re: Need advice on search engine

hazly wrote:

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If you want to know about searchengines, this is the wrong group.

This used to be a good site:
but I haven't checked it for a long time. It looks like a badly designed  
advertisement now to me... But check it out yourself.

If you want searchengines to index your site, just submit them to the  
engines. All major engines have a form where you can submit your site.

One tip:
If you are starting to build now, pay attention to navigation with URL's  

The latter part ?nav=shop is often ignored by searchengines.
If possible make that into: somepage/nav/shop
or something similar that looks like a path.
You'll need apache's mod_rewrite to help you with that.

If you try to take that into account from scratch, it saves you a headache  

Good luck.

Erwin Moller

Re: Need advice on search engine

hazly schrieb:
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You have 3 possibilities:
1. Implement site search functionality on your web server. There are  
several tools available, but I guess if you want PDF or Office files  
indexed you might have to choose a paid one.
2. Use an external service that regularly spiders your site and provides  
customized search result pages. I remember having found Atomz good some  
years ago, but I don't know today's market. Here also, for a  
professional level you might prefer a paid service.
3. Call Google or any other public search engine, with the site keyword  
( for example  
searches for the keyword 'fulltext').

For points 1 and 2 you might google for "site search".


Re: Need advice on search engine

hazly wrote:

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Don't know any FOSS which will handle this out of the box - I built such a
thing using UDMSearch (now mnogo search) + wv + some other translators a
few years ago. It was fairly straightforward to set up.



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