Need a PHP script to publish online-textbooks

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Hi everyone!

The goal -- I want to publish ebooks of my collage in my site.

The problem -- The original "Content" module of phpnuke has some
limitations -- such as limited number of subfolders. I searched the web
for an enhanced content module for PHPNuke and I found one called
"Conteudo". Conteudo supports unlimited subfolders in addition to
control the access of users for each page, and other good enhancements.

I want to organize an ebook into the pages of either "Content" or
"Conteudo", or to write my own publications directly in those modules.
The ORDER of the pages (the chapters of book) is very imortant;
however, in the above-mentioned two modules the order feature is not
supported and I have to publish the pages of my ebook in the right
order from the beginning.

An easy-to-use "order" feature, such as "move up" and "move down" is
needed to publish a Weekly-Updated Ebook. (Such feature is already used
to change the visible order of forums - in the "Manage Forums" page in
"phpBB control panel".)

I'm looking for:
1. a PHPNuke module, or
2. general php script which may be ported for Nuke or works with
NukeWrap or standalone.

Of course it should be suitable and designed to publish ebooks with
chapters and supports search feature.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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