Need a little help with uploads and security

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On my server I have defined several users and given them full rights to two  
different folders. The rights for Anon on both folders is set to none - this  
produces a username / password dialog upon trying to access the folder. The  
two folder names are backdraft and images - both are off the root of my web  
folder. I go to my backdraft folder and login, everything is fine - the  
index page appears as it should. I can then jump into the images folder and  
the server allows me... good.
Now, within the backdraft folder is a script folder containing fileup.php:

    $folder = $_POST["folder"];

That's all it is... What I want to do is upload a file and then move it into  
a subfolder within the images folder. I keep running into 401 errors  
though... which I can't understand as I'm logged in with full rights. I  
figured if I can login and then jump to the images folder - my upload script  
should allow moving to that folder.

Any help, or places too look much appreciated.

Dave -  

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