mysqli-trouble with mysql5

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I am using the mysqli-extension on all my database queries.
Everything worked just fine when I used MySQL 4, but when the database was  
upgraded to MySQL 5 (5.0.22), I got a strange error.
Here is an example:

function example(){
    global $table, $mysqli;
    $min = 2;
    $stmt = mysqli_prepare($mysqli, "SELECT SUM(Id) FROM $table WHERE  
    if ($stmt){
        mysqli_bind_param($stmt, 'i', $min);
        mysqli_bind_result($stmt, $number);
    else echo "failure";

This worked fine with mysql4, but with mysql5 i get a "proxy server error".

BUT: By removing SUM from the query, everything works fine:
$stmt = mysqli_prepare($mysqli, "SELECT Id FROM $table WHERE Id>?");

(but of course the query gives me not an interesting result).

SO: It seems that SUM messes things up, but there are noe good reasons for  
it as I can see.
When I comment the line
// mysqli_bind_result($stmt, $number);
i do not get the error.

I use PHP 5.0.4, and MySQL 5.0.22. I use a tomcat server.

Any suggestions...?  

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