MySQLi Problem with PHP 5.2.0

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Hello everyone:

Recently, I decided to upgrade to PHP 5.2.0. I have C:\php5 in the
Windows XP PATH, so upgrading is quite painless; just unzip new
release, and restart Apache! Usually it goes off without a hitch, but I
noticed that phpMyAdmin was not able to utilize the MySQLi library
(which was working with my last 5.1.x release). As I was looking
through php_info(), I noticed that MySQLi didn't even load. However,
when I restarted Apache after installing and setting up php.ini, there
was NO error displayed, nor logged. Actually, I do get an error in the
actual PHP code during runtime, which informs me that the mysqli class
doesn't exist. Neither does the procedural forms of MySQLi.

Some information: I run Apache 2.0.54 on Windows XP Pro. Last night, I
upgraded to MySQL 5.0.27, in an attempt to see if it would improve the
situation (previously, I ran on 4.1.x). doesn't seem to make any special note about installing for
5.2.0 (with the exception of Apache 2.2.x), so I'm not even sure how to
go about troubleshooting, since I don't even have an error to go by.

Other modules that load are: CURL, mbstring, mcrypt, mysql (standard
mysql), and xsl. php_mysqli.dll was packed with my install, and is
located in the same directory as the above modules which load.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very


Re: MySQLi Problem with PHP 5.2.0

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 Some places to start that often sort this sort of thing out:

 Try the command-line version of PHP. Start off with just "php -v" - you may
see some errors here which could shine some light on the situation.

 Download Dependency Walker, and load php_mysqli.dll into it. This may
highlight missing dependencies that cause it to fail to load. (You can
_usually_ ignore delay-load dependency modules, if it complains about those).
You can see which libmysql.dll it's picking up as well.

 The other factor tends to be that the webserver runs under a different
environment to your user; both in environment variables and filesystem
permissions, so check they're consistent and that the relevant DLLs are
accessible to whatever user Apache is running as.

 For what it's worth, both the mysql and mysqli extensions load fine here on
PHP 5.2.0, Apache, Windows XP, MySQL 5.0.22 so it's not fundamentally broken in
5.2.0 as far as I can see.

Andy Hassall :: :: :: disk and FTP usage analysis tool

Re: MySQLi Problem with PHP 5.2.0

Andy Hassall wrote:
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Hello Andy:

Thanks for the reply - very helpful. When I read your information about
how the environment variable could be a problem, I decided to check
that first, and my friend also suggested to put libmysql.dll in my
system dir, which I did. After restarting apache, I went to my
php_info, and lo and behold, mysqli info right before mine own eyes!

I'm glad it works, but C:\php5 is in the System PATH variable, so I
figured that means the directory would be available to all users' Path.
However, I have been noticing some strange behavior in that I'm having
trouble running PHP and Perl scripts from the command line (but that's
a different issue, so I won't go into that here).

Thanks again, at least I know where the problem is at.


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