MySQL won't run

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This is my problem:
After I start Apache and MySQL, mysqld.exe runs for a few seconds and then
shuts down automatically. It worked perfectly a few hours ago and now it
suddenly doesn't. I've tried reinstalling, upgrading, nothing works. What is
going on here?

Note: only reply if you have a useful answer. I've had my share of problems
with apache/php/mysql and I'm tired of getting replies like 'try google'.
Yes, I've tried Google and I have not found a solution to my problem.

Re: MySQL won't run

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Read the error log ($hostname.err in the parent directory of the
databases).  It might tell you something useful, like the server
aborted (and why), that tables are corrupt, that there's a syntax
error in a config file, etc.

What happened between "a few hours ago" and now?  Perhaps some of
the MyISAM tables need cleaning with myisamchk if the server was
not shut down cleanly.

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                    Gordon L. Burditt

Re: MySQL won't run

Leviathan wrote:
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There a couple of things which you can check:

* Resources: Open the Processes tab of the task manager interface and see
what happens when you start MySQL
* Check your system for virusses/spyware
* Do you run mysql as a service? If not, try that. See:">
* When mysql is already installed as a service, check the logs
* The obvious (always solves many strange behaviours in Windows): Restart
your system


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