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I have a question about the design of a specific mysql database.
My newsserver hasn't got many specific mysql related newsgroups and  
those who are supported don't seem to be very active.

Since many of the MySQL work goes hand in hand with PHP this seemed the  
best place to ask. Advice on a better place to shop for info is very  

My issue:

I have to create a db for a shop that sells several kinds of products  
(furnaces, dishwashers, washing machines, coffeemakers and the like, and  
also spare parts) with:

product categories
product category specific details
common specification details

(e.g. the specs for a dishwasher are mostly different from those for a  
coffeemaker, but every product has weight, dimensions, color etc.)

I suppose I have to create tables for products, brands, types,  
categories, but then there are the details. Should I simply throw all  
possible details for all products in one table or is there a better way  
? (Currently I can't see any other approach then to create a table for  
each product category, and that seems rather unelegant/inefficient.

The number of different products/parts is estimated at 10- to 12000.

I hope I make myself clear. My English still lacks the finesse required  
for proper description of my problem I am afraid.

TIA for your help and/or pointers to good mysql news sources.

Re: MySQL question, here?

Schraalhans Keukenmeester wrote:
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Re: MySQL question, here?

Schraalhans Keukenmeester wrote:

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It's dead simple - you normalize your data. There's no end of books or web
pages on the topic.

Now of course there's more than one valid normailzed strucure for a
relational database, but once you get that far you should know how to
decide which is the most apposite solution.


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