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I haven't access to Mysql NG, so let me ask here.


select distinct a,b from a left join b on =

table b:
id  datefrom        dateto
1   2005-01-01  2005-01-15
2   2005-01-02  2005-01-16
1   2005-01-17  2005-01-31

In my case, I'd like to show the last date for any ID.
So the result:
1 2005-01-31
2 2005-01-16
3 -

How to do so ? In my case, I get two rows for ID 1

Must I run 2 queries ? It's really hard to create a query with GroupBy, as
the real query takes 20 fields

Re: Mysql question

*** Bob Bedford wrote/escribió (Mon, 23 May 2005 09:44:28 +0200):
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Then you don't need datefrom and dateto but MAX(datefrom) and MAX(dateto)

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Re: Mysql question

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MAX needs to group by, and having 20 fields in my query, should I group by
all fields ? Also this field may be empty sometimes.

Isn't there any other solution ?

Re: Mysql question

Bob Bedford wrote:
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If you are using a version of MySQL that allows subqueries you
can do a sub query for the max date and then only select those
rows that have an equal date in the main query.


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