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I want to have a field where I store a list of what categories that
particular row falls under, I don't know which format to do or how I
would query it.

For example, row1 might belong to categories 1, 3 & 7 - I'd want to be
able to query all rows belonging to 3 and get row1.

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The logical approach in a normalized database would be to create a separate
table with the following fields:


id_foo - Foreign key
id_category - Foreign key

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Stored data would like like this:

1 1
1 3
1 7

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FROM categories
INNER JOIN foo_to_categories
ON categories.id_category=foo_to_categories.id_category
WHERE foo_to_categories.id_category=3

Replace "foo" with the actual object name, I figured out it won't be "row"
unless you're building a ticket selling system ;-P

P.S. Code is untested

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Answered in comp.database.mysql.

And if you're going to post to several newsgroups, please:

  - Pick appropriate newsgroups.  c.l.p isn't one of them for a SQL question
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