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Is there a way to copy a mysql database or tables from my webserver
account to my local machion which has mysql running on it?

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Sure.  The easiest way is to use a tool like Heidi SQL.  You connect to
the remote server, connect to your local server, do an export and bada-
bing, you're done.

If you can't access the remote server through a MySQL client like Heidi,
then you should be able to use PHP MyAdmin and do a dump, then paste that
into your local client and voila!

I think I have also done this using MySQL Migration Toolkit as well.

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There are several ways to do it, depending on your access to the server.
  But MySQL questions are best asked in a MySQL newsgroup, not a PHP
one. You'll get better answers over there.

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Using mysqldump command, you can dump the mysql data from remote
Follow the below steps to backup remote mysql data.
1.    Find where is mysql dump? LikeC:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server
2.    Open cmd prompt and enter  cd path/for/mysqldunp/dir
3.    mysqldumph hostnamep portu usernameppassword databasenam=
e >
In your mysql remote server setting, remote connection on, you can
backup without any problem. If you get any error, change the mysql
remote server settings.

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Many and varied.

If its running ISAM, shut down the mysqld and copy the database files..

For more advanced stuff do a dump and load.

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