MySQL function error

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dear all,

I have a table called "distributor" having "distributor_id" as a PK
and taking an integer data type as well as "distributor_parent_id"
which also takes an integer data type but can accept null values;

I tried to make this simple function that returns the parent_id by
taking a parameter representing the distributor id; still it fails, I
assume due to the delimiters.

I appreciate any assistance to this regard.


CREATE FUNCTION last_inserted_parent_id ( inserted_id INT )
        DECLARE parent_id INT$$
        SET parent_id = (
                                SELECT distributor_parent_id
                                FROM distributor
                                WHERE distributor_id = inserted_id
        RETURN parent_id$$


Re: MySQL function error

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Hi Coosa,

Welcome to comp.lang.php where all things PHP get discussed. But we
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Re: MySQL function error

coosa wrote:
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comp.databases.mysql is thataway ==>.

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