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According to this text from mysql
supports the * like this 'apple*' "Words match if they begin with the
word preceding the * operator."
But how can I make use of the * like this '*apple' where words match if
they end with the word?

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kristian wrote:
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I think you want this:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE textfield LIKE '%apple'

This selects everything where textfield ends on apple. See chapter
12.3.1 in the MySQL 5.0 reference manual.

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not quite, although it fits the '*apples' problem.

But if I enter a search phrase like 'php5 mysql' it dosnt match
anything. If I use select title, description from sometable
        where match (title,description) against ('$word' in boolean mode) I
can add '$word*' and I will get results where $word is at the
beginning, what I want is also to have results where $word is at the

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kristian schrieb:
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Unfortunately this is not supported by the nature of how mysql fulltext
index works.
What you can do is some tricky stuff like having your text also in a
mirrored version like "drow" and also an index on it. That way you could
also find words ending on "word" by doing a search against

This was just a thought out of the blue and since I don't know your
entire design and stuff it fits or it doesn't.

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Re: mysql fulltext

thanks for the reply, I found this page and I think using
regexp in mysql will do the trick, I'll give it a try.

Thanks again.

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