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The example uses the mysql client delimiter command to change the statement
delimiter from ; to // while the procedure is being defined. This allows
the ; delimiter used in the procedure body to be passed through to the
server rather than being interpreted by mysql itself.

hi -

i am using cli in interactive mode.
i tried changing the delimiter to // but everytime i type a ;
i get an error.  what could i be doing wrong?
i just want to create a procedure.


Re: mysql delimiter

oops...that is only for mysql 5.
hmm...  i wanted to wrap some deletes in a begin end type transaction.
i will have to look around to see how to go about it.


Re: mysql delimiter

i think this works except autocommit is a problem.
who said anything about front base? i need to set this
value from somewhere besides the mysql cli (like in php)
php 5 seems to make it easy.  anyone know how to do it before
php 5?

i am using myISAM mysql 4.0.13
i need to use InnoDB i think.
so i can autocommit all i want with the wrong table type
and it wont do me any good.

i will change my table types while i am waiting
for a response (i hope)




$res=mysql_query("BEGIN WORK");
mysql_query("delete from page where page_id<10");
mysql_query("delete from word where page_id<10");
mysql_query("delete from occurrence where page_id<10");
print ($result);


Re: mysql delimiter

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i am going to use start transaction and commit.
that is all i need.  there is no autocommit setting i need to turn
off or on in php with mysql.  using start transaction and commit do it for


Re: mysql delimiter

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Do you always talk to yourself out loud?

Re: mysql delimiter

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sometimes i am the only person who will talk to myself.

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