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I've no access to mysql NG, so I ask here:

I've two identical tables (wich are created by usins the same script, but
must be separated).

When I execute a query wich return fields and do a UNION between them, I
Illegal mix of collations for operation 'UNION'

I had an old mysql version on the server, and since my ISP upgraded, I have
problems with collations. The base is now in latin1_swedish_ci, and my datas
may manage french text.

Why the union doesn't work ? what do I need to do. The entire site is
working, but not this query. I get crazy.

What should I do, collation for both table are latin1_swedish_ci, and also
text fields.

Re: mysql collation

Bob Bedford wrote:
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Just a wild guess - but check the collation on your connection.  I had
several collation related problems because my tables were
latin1_swedish_ci and the connection was defaulting to utf8.

I have my own server, so I was able to change the default collation for
all connections.  Since it looks like you can't do that, you can use the
SET NAMES to change it.

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