mysql admin question for php website

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            i just went to to set up my db.
it has an easy web interface.  what is confusing me is i bought
a mysql book and i thought there was all this administration i had
to worry about.  for i.e. messing with grant tables and setting
privileges.  the interface at ipowerweb seems so easy compared to
what the book gets into.  is it possible that the web interface
provided by my host is all i need to worry about?

for instance i counldnt do things like
show grants for username@localhost;

or another one might be

select host,db,user from db;

i am guessing i dont have access to it because the person on
chat said i cant set the host and only localhost was allowed.
so if i cant specify the host to connect from they must have control
over the "mysql" db ...right?

please let me know.  i will worry about it until i know for sure.
wouldnt that be cool if i didnt have to worry.  my php site will
get installed fast if i dont have to do the heavy duty administering.


Re: mysql admin question for php website

j-marvin wrote:
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In both my database on my server at home and in my online database I
need to create databases and users and then give the users certain
permissions for each database.

In phpadmin on my webserver at home, all this is done in the main
section. (choose (Databases)... in the dropdown menu on the left).  It's
pretty easy. To grant access, look for "permissions".

In my online website, the online phpmyadmin doesn't allow me to create
databases, users or to set permissions. However, there is a page called
"mysql account mainainance" accesible from the contol panel where
databases and users are created and permissions set.

I'm pretty sure you will have to do this too. Your web interfece will
have some way to do this so you won't have to use the command line. Its
not hard and won't take you long.


Re: mysql admin question for php website
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unless i am missing something it appears to be working good.
i am amazed at the simplicity compared to the manual.
having said that the last somewhat complicated feature i am trying to hook
up bombed.  but that is the subject of another post and thread.

thanks very much red.


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