myPhpNewsLetter & IIS5 woes

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Hi Folks,

I am running php, MySQL with IIS5.

The problem is that I am trying to install a php script called
( ).

I have iis, php and mysql installed. The trouble starts when I extract
the php scripts and point my browser at

I get an error in the browser (IE6) :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function MYSQL_ERROR() in
c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\pmnl\include\lang\english.php on line 199

Now if I go to lines 196-201 the following code is present:

           "ERROR_DBCONNECT_CORE" => "Unable to connect to the Database.<br
"<ul><li>Check that <b>password</b> used to connect to the database is
"<li>Check that your <b>database server is up and
(MYSQL_ERROR() ? "The following error message can help you :
".MYSQL_ERROR() : "")
.."<br /><br /><a
href=\" /\">Documentation</a>
section on /phpMyNewsletter /website.",

with the line that starts with (MYSQL_ERROR() being the one that is
causing the problem.

I think its to do with my MySQL installation, but not sure what.

My friend has installed the same script on a Linux box with no
problems, so the script is OK.

Anybody have any ideas?



Re: myPhpNewsLetter & IIS5 woes

Don't repeat your questions/posts.

Re: myPhpNewsLetter & IIS5 woes

Ideas, no; questions, yes!

1.  What password is the connect script trying to use?

2. What password have you set up for this MySQL database?

Larry Kahm
Heliotropic Systems, Inc.

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href=\" /\">Documentation</a>
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