MX Looper/Kollection Dreamweaver extensions

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Hi friends,

I need your help.

I have a project (a job, in fact) that requires a feature that  
Dreamweaver doesn't offer (now).  I need a tool--or a concrete,  
functional technique--to create *nested repeat regions* in PHP and  
MySQL with multiple recordsets.

Not "simulated nested repeat regions."   Not "horizontal repeat  
regions."  Not "horizontal/vertical repeat regions."   Not ASP.

  Nested repeat regions with more than one recordset.

I've googled the hell out of it.  Most script snippets are feeble.

Tom Muck's products don't handle multiple recordsets (to my knowledge).

Interakt sold a Dreamweaver extension called "MX Looper" that seems to  
fit the bill perfectly.  Unfortunately, the product (previously an  
affordable $30) is now bundled in a larger package called "Kollection"  
(now sold at $400!!!).

I *strongly* suspect that Adobe (the new owner of Interakt) is  
purposely overpricing the Interakt product line so they can incorporate  
these features into the new interation of Dreamweaver.

I'm all for a beefed-up version of Dreamweaver...especially one that  
incorporates the Interakt feature set.  I'll pay for the upgrade when  
it comes out.

I don't have time to wait that long, however.  I also don't have $400  
to buy features that I'll later get for the price of the upgrade.   The  
Interakt acquisition (and subsequent overpricing) smells of a marketing  
ploy...and I'm stuck in the middle of it.

Does anyone have a license of the MX Looper Dreamweaver extension they  
can sell me?  A newer version is better, but I'll take an older one.  
I'd even consider a less-expensive version of "Kollection."

Can anyone help me out?

Grateful for your time!

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