Multiple forms in one iframe container

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I have one container page "container.htm"
In this container I have multiple iframes "iframepage1.htm",
"iframepage2.htm", etc. and one  button firing a js script to submit.
In every iframe page I have multiple input fields.
In the container page I have one iframe page to display results
How can I send all the values of the input fields to one server page
"process.php" where calculations are done and the results are send to the
updated iframe result page?
Let's take a simple example:
in "iframepage1.htm" I put the value 5
in "iframepage2.htm", I put the value 2
with the submit button I will send both input values to the server page
"calc.php" where we calculate the result 
This result is then send to the iframe result page "'iframeresults.htm"  in
the container "container.htm"and is updated.
Can anyone help me the find a solution?

Re: Multiple forms in one iframe container

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Its possible however quite difficult to implement[1] - I'd start by
looking at why you need to have seperate forms runing in seperate

[1] refresh the result page after submitting all the forms. In the
source of the result page sleep() until the submissions from all the
forms are available and generate the result.


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