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I have a table with 3 pieces of data that I would like to use to  
dynamically populate 3 drop downs using javascript.  The fields are  
state, orgname, office.  If it's not already obvious, I'd like orgname  
drop down to change when a state is selected and I would like office  
drop down to change when an orgname is selected.  I can do this with  
multiple tables but am having difficulty getting it to work when the  
data is in the same table.  Below is the code to get state and orgname  
from separate tables(the code reflects one table and is broken in the  
below state).  It's the best I can come up with and I can see why it  
doesn't work but I know there must be a way to pull all the pieces from  
a single table.  Advice is much appreciated.

if(isset($list) and strlen($list) > 0){
$quer=mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT orgname,org_id FROM organization  
WHERE state=$list ORDER BY orgname");
}else{$quer=mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT orgname FROM organization ORDER  
BY orgname"); }
$quer2=mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT state FROM organization ORDER BY  

//first drop down
echo "<select name='state' onchange=\"reload(this.form)\"><option  
value='0'>Select one</option>";
while($state = mysql_fetch_array($quer2)) {
if($state['org_id']==@$list){echo "<option selected  
else{echo "<option value='$state[state]'>$state[state]</option>";}
echo "</select>";

//next drop down
echo "<select name='org'><option value=''>Select one</option>";
while($org = mysql_fetch_array($quer)) {
echo "<option value='$org[org_id]'>$org[orgname]</option>";
echo "</select>";



Jeff Gardner

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Re: Multiple Dynamic Drop Down Population

Personally i think the best way would be ajax, and there is a million
ways to accomplish it in ajax. Here is a really simple bare bones
example. Like i said this is not the only way to do it but it is pretty
straight forward.


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