Multiple database crosstab MYSQL & PHP

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Please help, a bit new to this!

I've got two databases and I'm trying to look with values from one table in
one database and then look up a name from the other database, the two tables
are linked where  'postedby' in my newsdb database refers to 'ID' in my
tblemployees table in my basedb database.
All I get is one name shown and 6 records where there are actually 7.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Code Below:
mysql_select_db($database_newsdb, $newsdb);
$res_newsdb = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tblnews ORDER BY newsdate DESC");
mysql_select_db($database_basedb, $basedb);
$res_basedb=mysql_query("SELECT * from tblemployees WHERE

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echo ("<TABLE BORDER='1' WIDTH=450 style='BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse'>");
while($rows <= 10)
$res_news = mysql_fetch_array($res_newsdb);
$res_base = mysql_fetch_array($res_basedb);
$ndate = $res_news['newsdate'];
echo ('<TR><TD><FONT SIZE=-2><div align="center">' . $ndate .
'</div></FONT></TD><TD>' .
    $res_news['news']) . '</TD><TD>' .
     $res_base['IDname'] . '</TD></TR>';

echo("<BR /><P><A HREF='addnews.php'>Add news</A></P>");

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Re: Multiple database crosstab MYSQL & PHP


I was shown recently how you can query more than one database in one SQL

$results = mysql_query("SELECT newsdb.tblnews.*,  basedb.tblemployees .*
FROM newsdb.tblnews INNER JOIN basedb.tblemployees ON
newsdb.tblnews.postedby = basedb.tblemployees.ID ORDER BY
newsdb.tblnews.newsdate DESC");

You only need one of the connections to a database (either will do). Until I
was shown this I thought it was one connection, one database.

Paul Barfoot

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Re: Multiple database crosstab MYSQL & PHP

Oh my god, I was sure I'd tried that! but anyway,

Thanks very much for solving the frustration of my last week!!!

Its much simpler when you know how

Thanks again


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