multidimensional arrays

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I have two multidimensional arrays

first array:
$qry [id] [Ime] [Prezime] [zauzetost]  [mobile_num]
$qry [18] [Joe] [Doe]        [1]          [385911234567]
$qry [45] [Jane] [Doe]       [0]          [385989876543]
$qry [89] [Jenny] [Doe]     [1]          [385915879564]

second array:
$qry2 [mobile_num]   [field1]  [zauzetost]
$qry2 [385911234567] [ test ]  [  0  ]

Now i wanna compare 'mobile_num' in array1 and array2, if i find it change
value 'zauzetost' in array1 with value 'zauzetost' from array2.

Plz, cann someone help me with this problem.
tnx in advance


Re: multidimensional arrays

Dejan wrote:
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If you get this data from an SQL server, you probably want to solve it
there. Otherwise, just loop through the first array and compare the

Re: multidimensional arrays

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"zauzetost" means busy, yes?  Have you figured out a way to dial Croatian numbers from  


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