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I've just moved my web site from one server to another at the same  
hosting company (I upgraded to a better package). Unfortunately one of  
my WordPress plugins now complains about the absence of multibyte string  
support in PHP on the new server.

What I don't understand is that phpinfo on that server

shows the three important configuration settings were enabled, viz.

'--enable-mbstring=shared' '--enable-mbstr-enc-trans' '--enable-mbregex'

However, I think there should also be be a separate section in the  
phpinfo page relating specifically to the multibyte strings module, as  
for instance on

I'm guessing there must be some runtime settings that need to be used,
perhaps in php.ini. Any ideas?

I can't see anything here:

but I'm not that familiar with PHP.

- Andrew

Re: multibyte string support

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The difference could quite possibly be caused by the fact that those 2  
phpinfo pages are for different major versions of php (4 and 5). The fact  
that the previous 1 has the configuration settings shows that that php did  
in fact get compiled with support for that functionality.  

Re: multibyte string support

Andrew McLean wrote:

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Mbstring was compiled as an shared extension, check php.ini to make
sure (and extension_dir='/path/to/extension/) or
extension='/path/to/extension/' has been set

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