mssql versus odbc HELP

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Hello mates,

Something weird is happening or it's just the fact that I'm doing
something wrong.
When use mssql for db connectivity, and then i call mssql_fetch_array,
the values i get from the database will be retrieved with the special
charactes like "é" transformed to ",".
In the case of odbc that won't happen?!

Any Idea?

Thanks a lot!

Re: mssql versus odbc HELP

Fad¥ wrote:
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This MUST have to do with charactersets.
I am not an expert on this, but what you need to find out is this:
1) Find out in which characterset MS SQL server is using to store data.
(eg: latin1, UTF8, etc)
You should be able to find this in via your management thingy in MS SQL  

2) Make sure your output uses the same characterset.

Problem is: a certain bytevalue (or possibly multiple bytes in case of  
unicode) is just a value. What character it represents depend on the  
characterset you use.

Things might be more complicated, but I would start there with your  
Hope this helps you going.
Check in here again to see if somebody with better knowledge of  
characterencoding than me has some hints. :-)

Good luck

Erwin Moller

Re: mssql versus odbc HELP

On Aug 31, 3:57 am, Erwin Moller
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I checked! the database is using latin1 collation. so as you said i
should check what charset mssql uses when it binds to a database.

Thanks Erwin

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