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Guys i need to make some small msn platform to use on my mobile through
wap. I need to connect and be able to chat on MSN using this platform.
Can anyone help me?

I need the MSN messenger attributes so that i can make the script
connect, get my contact list and make me talk to them.

Re: MSN Web messenger

Quite a few phone companies offer this.  Verizon is the only one that I
know specifically, but there are plenty of others.  Or just switch to's better anyway and it's really easy to set up AIM on your
cell for free no matter what kind of cell you have.  You should
probably try asking this on alt.internet.wap or alt.cellular.*.  This
could probably be done with PHP (depending on the type of phone you
have) but it's a big project.  And someone has probably already done it
on some web application or maybe a client-side shareware program.

Re: MSN Web messenger

Actually if you have a Mac, this would be a really simple program to
write.  Especially if you have a Mac server, but if you don't you could
just have the messenger trigger an event in the applescript that would
find the latest message recieved and email it to your phone by
controlling Mail.  Or it could send a message to the server and have
the server send the message to your cell.  The only hard part would be
getting a message from the server to your home computer.  I used to do
this type of thing by having an email account that was checked by mail
every minute, and the server would send an email to that account and
when the email was recieved it would trigger an applescript.  But
that's a messy solution.  And also I pissed off my hosting company
because I went over my 3000 POP connections per day that I'm allowed.

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