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Just purchased Mrwhois and noticed he fell short of creating a simple cart
for the selected domains.

You would think it would be simple to create a shopping cart showing the
selected domains with a checkout button going to Paypal, however my knowlage
is limited in creating PHP from scratch, even when he gave me a sample

  // This is a sample domain names processing file. You can modify this file
or you can replace it with your own.
  // The aim of this file is to show how domain names can be processed -
according to your needs.
  // PLEASE NOTE: I do not provide any support for processing. You should be
either PHP familiar and
  // make all modifications yourself or hire a PHP developer to make all
changes for you.

  // sample of FORM/POST output - usefull when you want to add multiple
domains to the shopping cart

  echo '
  <p>This is a sample file where all necessary variables are parsed. You may
process those variables
  anyway you like, for example - add to a shopping cart.</p>

  while (list($key, $val) = each($_POST)) {
     echo "$key => $val<br>";

  // sample of link/GET output - usefull when you want to redirect your
visitor to the next page
  // for example - choosing a domain name for a hosting account

  while (list($key, $val) = each($_GET)) {
     echo "$key => $val<br>";


Anyway is there anyone out there who has been down this path or know of a
simple solution, I've searched for days now and cant find a thing.


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