Mozilla Firefox and PHP

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I apologize for such an elementary question but I am new to PHP.  
If there is an FAQ that addresses this please let me know.

I have some PHP that works fine on my Dell Win2K XP when I use "php.exe"
and "php-cgi.exe"; not sure how these executeables got there but  
someone must have installed them.  But what I need to do is have PHP
scripts run in my Mozilla Firefox browser.  Currently they don't.

Do I need to install some plugin for my browser?  If so can someone
provide a URL?  Or if not maybe you could advise me on what needs to be done.

Thank you.

Andrew M. Neiderer
US Army Research Laboratory  

Re: Mozilla Firefox and PHP

Andrew Neiderer  wrote:
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You need to save the files in your web server, in the appropriate

eg I'm using phpdev (bundled apache web server + php + mysql) so would
save them in c:/phpdev/www


Re: Mozilla Firefox and PHP

Andrew Neiderer  wrote:
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Run a local webserver (like Apache), and open the pages in your browser. It
isn;t actually the browser that's running them, but the webserver offcourse.
To my knowledge browsers cannot run PHP.

XAMP is a nice package that will install Apache, PHP & MySQL in one go
without much hassle for testing at home.

Rik Wasmus

Re: Mozilla Firefox and PHP

Rik wrote:
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Actually, that could be a useful plugin for FF.  Have it invoke php.exe
if you were accessing the PHP file locally.  Sure, the ideas is riddled
with potential security holes, but it might be handy.  In fact, it'd be
really nifty to make it an integrated debugger, so while the page is
loading it'll break out and let you play with things as the page loads.

Re: Mozilla Firefox and PHP

*** Richard Levasseur escribió/wrote (31 Jul 2006 10:25:12 -0700):
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I haven't written many web apps that can run out of the server context:
most of then depend on $_SERVER or $_POST.

It maight be useful for shell scripts but... once again, I write scripts to
run in console :)

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Re: Mozilla Firefox and PHP

Andrew Neiderer wrote:
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And they never will. ;-)

PHP isn't run by browsers, like Javascript. It's run on the webserver.

You need a local webserver with PHP support and then point your browser
to 'localhost'.

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Install and configure a local webserver. If you don't want the hassle of
installing and configuring all the needed parts yourself (You are going
to need at least Apache and PHP, most likely also a database server like
MySQL, if the scripts use databases.) you can go for one of the
preconfigured all-in-one packages like XAMPP, which you can find here:

These are perfectly ok, if you just want to test some scripts by other
people. However, if you get into serious developing yourself I would
advise you to install all packages yourself from scratch. That way you
will learn how everything works together and you can also choose which
version of which packages you want to run.

Re: Mozilla Firefox and PHP

Anonymous wrote:
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PHP is a general purpose scripting language as is JavaScript. PHP is
*usually* run on server side and JS in the browser.

PHP for Windows supports ActiveScript and that makes it possible to host
it in browser supporting this interface (e.g. IE). On the other hand
JavaScript has been used as server side scripting (ASP, GoAhead embedded
server, etc.)

Back to original question, it will require certain development effort to
plug PHP as alternative scripting engine into Firefox. Source code for
both is available ...


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