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We would like to utlize the Move_Upload_File to get a file to another
web server.  We are currently using Windows Server 2003 with PHP on
them.  However I am sure I have a file permission issue on the
targetted server box (since its going from one box to another), but I
am not sure how to force PHP to use a specific user (since its a subset
of IIS, it almost looks like it uses Anonymous - which will not work
for the scenerio I am looking at that I am aware of).

Any Help would be appreciated - here is a snipet of our code:


Re: move_uploaded_file

php should be doing this as the user the script is run as, which is not
so easy. passthru('whoami') would tell you on linux, no idea on win*
sorry. On linux there are various commands that will let you run a
program as a certain user which would take the php command as an
argument, I don't do windows.

I suppose I would do an fopen() on the server and try and get some info
on permissions from that.  

good luck

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