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i must develop an intranet web application and i don't wont session.

The cookie limit is 20 but i wont extend this is possible it ?

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What limit?


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Hywel wrote:
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20 cookies per domain
300 cookies total
4kb per cookie

These are the minimums listed by the cookie specifications rfc2109 (old)
and rfc2965 (new), and browsers generally use them as upper limits. If
you exceed these limits, don't expect your site to work with most
browsers. The same specification(s) also state "Applications should use
as few and as small cookies as possible, and they should cope gracefully
with the loss of a cookie."

Personally I've never seen any need to use more than 3-4 cookies for any
given site. Store your cookies as serialized arrays and use
session-variables instead.

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