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I m running FreeBSD 4.10 STABLE and using Apache 1.3.x and PHP4.

Today, i updated php4 from Ports Tree and there was lot of change.

Indeed, no more php4-something package... only Php4 and php4-extensions

So, i installed :

(and others)

But, now, ftp_ssl_connect doesn't work !

The error message is:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ftp_ssl_connect() in index.php

I restarted many time apache without success.

i checked with phpinfo() if the extension is running and it s OK !!!

      OpenSSL support  enabled
      OpenSSL Version  OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004

      FTP support  enabled

So, i checked the PHP module if there is the ftp_ssl_connect strings in
it... :

horus# strings | grep ftp
horus# strings | grep connect


Where am i wrong ?

Thanks for help

Re: module openssl for php

next time don't multipost just make one message to multiple newsgroups,
that way. But one question is: why did you keep the english part on that
french newsgroup? You wanted [french] people to know you could fairly
write english?

Well, not that i really care, here's your answer:

You need to compile PHP with SSL support for that function to be available.

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Re: module openssl for php


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I know this. Before php updates on FreeBSD, i was using this function.

If you read my post, you'll see that i installed php "modules" (OpenSSL,
FTP, etc)

You can see the phpinfo here:

Is there something wrong to use php extensions instead of using static
compilation ?


Re: module openssl for php


OpenSSL has to be installed in static and not in extensions modules.

in manual:

Since ftp_ssl_connect() requires SSL compiled into PHP, Windows users will
need to compile their own PHP this way or download it from another source.
Here's one such (and trusted) source:


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