modifying link tags.

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ok what i need to do is modify all the link tags in a string from <a
href="blah.html"> to <a href="clicktrough.php?uri=blah.html> but the
problem is some of the tags have class so <a class="llama"
href="blah.html"> but i dont want to change all of the tags that
contain "href" because that would mess with the css. the code i am
using right now is
$file = file_get_contents(' /');
$llama = preg_split('/<a(.)*href=\"/', $file, -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
echo join("",$llama);
this works but the problem is it removes the <a......>.

any help is grately appricated.


Re: modifying link tags. wrote:
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Would something as follows do what you want?

preg_replace('/(?<=href=")([^"]+)/', 'clicktrough.php?uri=$1', $source);


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